Low Home Insurance

Determine How Much You Will Pay for a Policy

Believe it or not, determining your home insurance rate and premiums is no easy task for insurers. They look at many different factors to come up with your rate, some of which you actually have some control over. Here's a look at some of the important considerations you should make and what you can do to get lower rates:

  • The home's construction and building materials
  • The current condition of your home
  • Safety factors
  • Location and risk factors associated with it, such as crime and catastrophes
  • Amount of coverage needed and desired deductible
  • Your credit score

Lowering Your Premiums

  • If your credit score could stand to improve at all, do everything you can to increase it before applying. Your credit score does play a part in determining your insurance rate so get those bills paid on time and try to lower your overall debt to available credit ratio.
  • Depending on which insurer you buy your policy from, you may be able to get a discount if you purchase other products through them. For instance, buying home and car insurance from the same provider could save you 5%-10% on premiums.
  • One of the ways you can get affordable protection is by making sure your house has some of the latest safety features. Many insurers offer discounts if you install an alarm system in your home, upgrade deadbolts on your doors, or implement other security improvements.
  • Finally, use our free quote comparison system! We specialize in providing our visitors with lightning quotes for hundreds of policies. Just fill out the easy form to get started and you'll be receiving free quotes in no time!